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Talk to the Foot…

Published February 5, 2013 by Susan Woodward

Anyone who knows me or has been anywhere near me when I am trying to learn something new KNOWS that I talk to myself.   I really believe that if I ever lost the power of speech, I’d be stuck in not being able to learn anything new for the rest of my life.   I literally have to talk myself through it…

For instance, I am NOT a tap dancer by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.  No one will ever have to worry about me coming along and taking someone’s spot in 42nd Street!  When I was cast as Sister Hubert in not one, but two, productions of Nunsense, my nemesis was that damned tap dance in “Tackle That Temptation With a Time Step.”  Fortunately for me, part of the steps was in the song lyrics.  I may have fudged through the rest of the number, but when it came to “step, hop, shuffle, step, flap, ball, change in your tap shoes…”, I was golden.  I managed to get THAT much of it because I could TALK myself through it every single time.  No matter how many times I did the rest of the number, I would sort of get it when I could speak the steps, but when it came time to sing and tap… forget it.  I need to talk to the feet.

That seemed to work pretty well tonight when I was trying to learn a new foot wrap.  I managed to get the first part, but then I had to lean back and try to use my free foot to finish the wrap.  I told that foot what for!  And when it was not fully cooperating, I yelled, “Get the ‘F’ in there!”  (I think I said the letter F… not the word.  At least I hope so…).  But the foot listened and I manged to get into the position the first time I tried it.  Yay!  Surprise success!  (That’s #1 for this week, Patty!).   It wasn’t listening so much when I tried it again, but by that time, it was the arms that really sailfish2needed the talking to.  They were getting tired.

Another surprise (Yay, Patty…that’s 2 in one night!!) was when I was able to get into the Sailfish pose the first time!  Woop!!!  I’m on a black silk, so I look more like the Caped Crusader, but I did it!


Makes you just want to go, “Na na na na na na na na…” doesn’t it?  I should have asked for a pic when I had it wrapped around me like a cocoon… Emergence of the Bat!  Blooa!  Blooa!  🙂

After feeling a bit like a failure (I’ll admit, I really was getting down on myself for falling off the other day…), it’s great to have that feeling of sweet little successes to keep me going!

And here’s a great pic that I snagged from the Aerial Arts page… but it SOOOOOO fits with what I am trying to do right now:

Dont Quit

I am in my fifth week now.  I am noticing changes… changes in strength, endurance, and control.  I am waiting for the visible changes that I hope will come by the time others start to notice at 8 weeks.  That gives me three weeks to begin to actually SEE change.  And I am looking forward to those “After” pics at 12 weeks.  I pray that there will really be some major differences!

So I will not quit.  I will not give in to being tired or sore or frustrated.  I will persevere.

Oh… but one thing that is definitely different is that I HAVE QUIT SMOKING FOR FOUR WEEKS NOW!!!!

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