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Ombis Alien Invasion Premiers May 18!

Published April 15, 2013 by Susan Woodward

Ombis posterMy big screen debut!

Well, I WAS in the huge zombie apocalypse scene in The Final Night and Day, but I only made it into one frame!  But I know that I was there!  And when we were all in line for “make-up” (being squirted with super-soakers filled with red-dyed water), I was once of the folks yelling, “More blood!!”  And I am not even a horror fan… I get all  squeamish.

But I am very grateful to director Adam Steigert of Deftone Pictures Studios for giving me the opportunity!

However, in OmbOmbis make upis Alien Invasion (click poster for more info, including cast), I even got a bit speaking part!!  Woo hoo!  AND a whole scene all to myself as I awakened from the dead, prepared to attack!  Three and a half hours in make-up, designed by students of the Tom Savini FX School (Living Dead films, anyone?), and I was ready for my close up!  (Click the picture for a link to Tom Savini’s site)  The ONLY picture I have is the one of the beginning process…I was forbidden to have a pic in full make-up until after the film is released.

It was a great experience, and I loved being covered in slime!  I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

PLEASE Adam, can I get a picture in make-up after May 18th?? I am dying here!  😦

May 18th cannot come fast enough for me!  I already have my tickets for me and my kids and a special friend, so yippy skippy, bring on the popcorn!  Premiering at the historic Hamburg Palace Theatre, Ombis is sure to be a treat to all involved!!

Ombis logo





Here’s the trailer:


Richard Satterwhite as Sheriff Thomas Bracket

Jason John Beebe as Mark

Sara Manzella as Lucy

Michael Sciabarrasi as Mayor Logan


Brenda Rickert as Sarah

Kathy Murphy as Daisy

(with a guest appearance by Susan Woodward as Donna!)


Oh, yeah… I also threw my hat into the extras pool for the new Spiderman movie that is going to be filmed here in Rochester!  😛   Here’s hoping!  I wonder if my aerial arts “skills” might be called upon…. (forefinger to chin, pondering)


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