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Summer Challenge: Seneca Park Zoo Cascade

Published July 17, 2014 by Susan Woodward

Seneca Zoo Cascade“My vicinity affords many good walks; and though for so many years I have walked almost every day, and sometimes for several days together, I have not yet exhausted them” (Henry David Thoreau, Walking).

Part of my summer challenge of “building my own damn house” has been to find local places of beauty to appreciate. I cannot tell you how surprised I was to find what seemed like an out-of-the-way hiking path smack dab in the middle of the city of Rochester! I knew that the Zoo was in the city, but the amount of land and hiking trails within Seneca Park was a shock.

The AllTrails app on my phone has been great for finding nuggets of treasure that I didn’t know were there so that I may better appreciate my own “house” or Upstate New York.

Last summer my challenge took me out of state and to both oceans. This summer I am concentrating on things closer to home. As Thoreau stated that there are many places to walk in our own vicinity, I am looking around Upstate NY for places to do my walking.

Another app that I like on my phone is MapMyWalk. With it, I can track the places I visit, and it will provide me with more information than I ever thought I could know about my hike! It also allows me to send a post right to my blog:

I hiked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 3.00mi, time: 01:09:47, pace: 23:17min/mi, speed: 2.58mi/h.


A Boardwalk out to the Genesee River

Broken Shells

Those white things on the ground are broken sea shells…and they were all over this part of the trail. It is quite a distance up from the river, as you can see through the trees, and I wondered how they all got up here. Perhaps seagulls had their own version of a clam bake!

Fairy's House

I am thankful that I happened to be looking down at the point I came by this Fairy’s house.

Genesee River 2

The Genesee River

Genesee River

The Genesee River at the base of the falls.

Zoo Falls


Ombis Alien Invasion Premiers May 18!

Published April 15, 2013 by Susan Woodward

Ombis posterMy big screen debut!

Well, I WAS in the huge zombie apocalypse scene in The Final Night and Day, but I only made it into one frame!  But I know that I was there!  And when we were all in line for “make-up” (being squirted with super-soakers filled with red-dyed water), I was once of the folks yelling, “More blood!!”  And I am not even a horror fan… I get all  squeamish.

But I am very grateful to director Adam Steigert of Deftone Pictures Studios for giving me the opportunity!

However, in OmbOmbis make upis Alien Invasion (click poster for more info, including cast), I even got a bit speaking part!!  Woo hoo!  AND a whole scene all to myself as I awakened from the dead, prepared to attack!  Three and a half hours in make-up, designed by students of the Tom Savini FX School (Living Dead films, anyone?), and I was ready for my close up!  (Click the picture for a link to Tom Savini’s site)  The ONLY picture I have is the one of the beginning process…I was forbidden to have a pic in full make-up until after the film is released.

It was a great experience, and I loved being covered in slime!  I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

PLEASE Adam, can I get a picture in make-up after May 18th?? I am dying here!  😦

May 18th cannot come fast enough for me!  I already have my tickets for me and my kids and a special friend, so yippy skippy, bring on the popcorn!  Premiering at the historic Hamburg Palace Theatre, Ombis is sure to be a treat to all involved!!

Ombis logo





Here’s the trailer:


Richard Satterwhite as Sheriff Thomas Bracket

Jason John Beebe as Mark

Sara Manzella as Lucy

Michael Sciabarrasi as Mayor Logan


Brenda Rickert as Sarah

Kathy Murphy as Daisy

(with a guest appearance by Susan Woodward as Donna!)


Oh, yeah… I also threw my hat into the extras pool for the new Spiderman movie that is going to be filmed here in Rochester!  😛   Here’s hoping!  I wonder if my aerial arts “skills” might be called upon…. (forefinger to chin, pondering)


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