Spiritual Preparation

Published February 14, 2017 by Susan Woodward

I have to admit that as the time to leave for my cross country trip neared, I was feeling nervous.  A 54 year old woman driving alone across the continent, and mostly sleeping in her van.  I am thankful that I fought back the fears and did it anyway!

The Summer Solstice was the perfect preparation day.  Not only was it the solstice, but there happened to be a full moon that night.  That would be the best for cleansing and charging my crystals with energy for distribution across the country.  My hope was not only for personal healing, but in healing our nation as well.  Let’s face it– things are not so great right now, and we need all the help we can get.

Anyhow, I had a reiki treatment20160620_164704 that afternoon, and my friend blessed my bag of crystals during the ritual. Afterwards, I took them to a nearby creek to be fully cleansed in running water.

Running water has always been soothing for me, and so I sat there thinking about all the places these crystals were going to be planted, and I became more and more excited about the trip.  I guess some element of fear is natural, and probably necessary so that I don’t become oblivious to my surroundings and get into trouble.  For ten days on the road alone, I needed to be sure to have my wits about me!

When I got home, I laid out a Tarot spread, which added to my confidence!

20160611_095815The last thing I did for spiritual preparation was to arrange my crystals on a platter and lay them out in the Solstice sun to absorb the energy of the Sun God.  Because it also happened to be a full moon that night, I left them out in the moonlight to absorb the Goddess energy as well.  In that way, I felt that my heart, mind, and soul were ready to take on the adventure of my lifetime!



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