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Spiritual Preparation

Published February 14, 2017 by Susan Woodward

I have to admit that as the time to leave for my cross country trip neared, I was feeling nervous.  A 54 year old woman driving alone across the continent, and mostly sleeping in her van.  I am thankful that I fought back the fears and did it anyway!

The Summer Solstice was the perfect preparation day.  Not only was it the solstice, but there happened to be a full moon that night.  That would be the best for cleansing and charging my crystals with energy for distribution across the country.  My hope was not only for personal healing, but in healing our nation as well.  Let’s face it– things are not so great right now, and we need all the help we can get.

Anyhow, I had a reiki treatment20160620_164704 that afternoon, and my friend blessed my bag of crystals during the ritual. Afterwards, I took them to a nearby creek to be fully cleansed in running water.

Running water has always been soothing for me, and so I sat there thinking about all the places these crystals were going to be planted, and I became more and more excited about the trip.  I guess some element of fear is natural, and probably necessary so that I don’t become oblivious to my surroundings and get into trouble.  For ten days on the road alone, I needed to be sure to have my wits about me!

When I got home, I laid out a Tarot spread, which added to my confidence!

20160611_095815The last thing I did for spiritual preparation was to arrange my crystals on a platter and lay them out in the Solstice sun to absorb the energy of the Sun God.  Because it also happened to be a full moon that night, I left them out in the moonlight to absorb the Goddess energy as well.  In that way, I felt that my heart, mind, and soul were ready to take on the adventure of my lifetime!



It Has Been a Long Time Coming

Published February 14, 2017 by Susan Woodward

Two years.  I have had writer’s block for over two whole years.

I could tell myself that I was just too busy to write, but that isn’t the truth.  I just couldn’t do it. While nursing a long term knee injury that held me back quite a bit, I pulled away from everything that I had once been involved in.  Sad and angry with myself for the injury, I comforted myself with Netflix and just TV in general.

And then I turned 54.  That was a year ago, but in that year, I had lots of planning to do, moving to do, and traveling to do.  54 was a big wake up because that is the age my mother died from a blood clot after breaking her ankle.  I knew I was going in for a total knee replacement surgery, and my mind kept making all kinds of gloomy correlations.  However, I was determined to do something that I know my mother always wanted to do, and she never got the chance.

She wanted to travel.

I made it my mission that the summer of 2016 (the 20th anniversary of her passing) was going to be in her memory, and I planned to drive across the country in my van.  Of course, I had to buy a van, so I traded in my Elantra for a Town and Country, and I started planning.  I also decided that I needed this to be a healing experience for me, both spiritually and emotionally.  This gave me the idea to plant healing quartz crystals along the way; this was also my way of trying to add energy to heal our country because it sure needs it.

After months of planning, I came up with my itinerary:

Itinerary For Cross Country Sojourn 2016

June 29-August 12


  1. Rochester, NY to Erie, PA         163 miles      3 hours


  1. From Erie, PA to the Serpent Mound, Ohio         331 miles      5.5 hours
  2. From Serpent Mound to Rocky Fork State Park, OH       17 miles      25 minutes


        Rocky Fork St Park, OH to Kickapoo State Park, Illinois         266 miles      4.5 hours


        Kickapoo State Park, IL to Rockford, Illinois         208 Miles      3 hours


        Rockford, Illinois to Sioux City, Iowa         396 Miles      6.5 hours


  1.  Sioux City, Iowa to Chadron, Nebraska         383 Miles      6.5 hours
  2.  Chadron State Park to Alliance, Nebraska (Carhenge)     48 miles    1 hour



  • Chadron, Nebraska to Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota        115 Miles    2 hours
  • Return to Chadron State Park         115 Miles    2 Hours



        Chadron, NE to Salt Lake City, Utah        603 Miles       9.5 hours


        Salt Lake City, Utah to Lake Tahoe, CA       575 Miles      8.5 Hours


  1. Stateline, Nevada to San Francisco, California         190 Miles    3.5 hours


  1. San Francisco, CA to Modesto, CA        92 miles    1.5 hours
  2. Modesto, CA to Fresno, CA       96 miles    1.5 hours

FRIDAY, JULY 8 (stay in California till August)

        Fresno, CA to Murrieta, CA       300 Miles      5 hours


        Murrieta, CA to Las Vegas, Nevada       265 Miles      4 hours



  • Las Vegas, NV to Hoover Dam         35 miles    1 hour
  • Hoover Dam to Sedona, Arizona     356 miles    6 hours



        Sedona, AZ to Albuquerque, New Mexico      349 miles    5.5 hours


        Albuquerque, NM to Oklahoma City, OK      541 miles      8 hours


        Oklahoma City, OK to Memphis, Tennessee      467 miles    7 hours


        Memphis, Tennessee to N. Charleston, South Carolina    670 miles    10 hours



  • Charleston, SC to Foamhenge, Virginia      424 miles    6.5 hours
  • Foamhenge to Natural Bridge Caverns     1 mile    5 minutes
  • Natural Bridge Caverns to Lexington, VA      15 miles    16 minutes



        Lexington, VA to King of Prussia, PA       378 Miles     6 hours



  • King of Prussia, PA to Hershey, PA        95 miles     2 hours
  • Hershey PA to Penn’s Cave, PA       172 miles     4 hrs
  • Penn’s Cave to Rochester, NY       226 miles    5 hours


Along the way, I buried or dropped crystals that I had prepared for the journey.  Click on the map to see where I dropped them:

usa_flag_map-svgAfter making all the reservations at camp ground (where I camped in my van) and motels, I set about making personal preparations to prevent my scared self from bailing at the thought of driving across country alone for the first half of the journey. I knew that the time to do it HAD to be now, and so I pushed down my fears and kept planning.  I owed it to myself to just DO it, and I felt I owed it to my Mom who never got the chance.  This was for both of us, and I couldn’t back out.

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