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Awesome Autumn Color 5K-and-Then-Some Race!

Published October 19, 2014 by Susan Woodward

10660273_10204330380954699_8082479894260167140_nAnd I came in FIRST! Yes, the Awesomeness of Autumn was in the air, and the only other competitor was the sedentary-couch me who had been catching up on Sam and Dean episodes while waiting for Rumple and Hook later tonight.

‘Twas a bit nippy out there, but with my hoodie and fleece jacket, along with the fire of watching Sam and Dean do what they do, I was plenty warm. The sun was shining, and it seems that this must be peak weekend (or darn near close) from all the vibrant color out there. Lovely day!

10703718_10204330380834696_5737243792115223303_nSomeone painted a series of murals beneath the bridge along the Erie Canal, and I do have to admit that I did break into the Erie Canal song, but I wasn’t going fifteen miles today. 5k+ was good enough for me!

10641246_10204330380514688_7167262468720902420_nAs I was looking at the canal remembering the song’s lyrics “from Albany to Buffalo,” I thought about the immigrants that picked up shovels and dug that canal. I complain when my elbows still act up from my tendonitis injury during silks a year and a half ago; I am sure the men who dug this canal didn’t have the luxury of Epsom Salts and ibuprofen.

10636101_10204330380354684_3667839456017222033_nToday I was thankful for the men who dug the canal because it provided me with a beautiful place to challenge myself, and to do more than watch fictional characters flex their brawn. Muscles and sweat made this place a reality.

10511334_10204330381314708_6118131472149777104_nNot to mention Mother Nature’s artistry.

What a lovely day for the Awesome Autumn Color 5k-and-then-some!

I hiked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 3.49mi, time: 01:03:28, pace: 18:11min/mi, speed: 3.30mi/h.

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