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Following My Bliss: Nature’s Bouquet

Published July 28, 2013 by Susan Woodward

Since my name, Susan, means “lily” in Hebrew, I tend to take pictures of lilies whenever I see them in gardens.  These are from my Nature Meditation at First Unitarian Church.  I simply wanted them to have their own page because they were so beautiful!

100_0690 100_0689 100_0687             100_0670 100_0668 100_0667 100_0659 100_0664 100_0665 100_0666 100_0661 100_0657

And those were just the lilies!  Here are some other gorgeous blooms:

100_0648 100_0649 100_0656 100_0671 100_0696 100_0694100_0688

Ahhhh…Nature’s Bliss!

Following My Bliss: Nature Meditations Pt 3 (First Unitarian Church of Rochester)

Published July 28, 2013 by Susan Woodward

100_0677First Unitarian has absolutely lovely gardens.  This is an example of one of the flower gardens on the property, and directly opposite this?  A labyrinth! It was a perfect way to come full circle for the day!

100_0693As I walked through this one, I noticed that there were a lot of branches that had fallen into the path.  We’d had a big storm recently.

When I’d walked the first labyrinth of the day, I’d pulled weeds on my way in to symbolize letting go of things from the past that no longer served me.  This time, I removed the branches that were obstacles in my way, something that has been a necessity in the labyrinth of life as well.

100_0678I am so in awe of these gardens!  The grounds are gorgeous and it is difficult to believe that one is in the middle of the city and not on a country estate somewhere.

Like the Tinker Park labyrinth, this one also had a meditation focus in its center…and look what is on one of the stones!100_0681  That is the second time today that a mallard appeared as a totem in the center of a labyrinth!  So I shall go back to the meaning of the mallard/duck and study it more closely.  It seems to be speaking to me.

These are pictures of other parts of the gardens, including the Council Ring, the Peace Cairns, The Hollows, and the Memory Wall.  It’s lovely to know that this bit of beauty and peace is practically in my own back yard!

It was a perfect way to round out a day of Nature Meditations!  I took many picture of the flowers in bloom, especially the lilies, and I am going to place them on a separate page like a bouquet!  🙂  Blessed Be!

100_0684 100_0669 100_0651 100_0654 100_0655 100_0650 100_0662 100_0688 100_0687

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