One Voice United: NYSUT Rally in Albany!

Published June 8, 2013 by Susan Woodward

I think everyone who is in any way involved in the field of education in New York State will get the following picture:

Hiking and Teacher Rally 020Yeah… remember, pineapples don’t have sleeves.

Well, when it comes to the over-testing of our students with flawed assessments, Jeremy Dudley of Albany says it all:

“Stop this Madness!”

And that’s what thousands of teachers from across New York State shouted from the crowds: “Stop this Madness!”    Pre-assessment, Post-assessment, Final Assessment, SLOs, APPR, CCSS… testing, testing, testing, and cutting into our time to TEACH!

Hiking and Teacher Rally 014Here’s the REAL SLO!

Hiking and Teacher Rally 016

Hiking and Teacher Rally 017Because it was forced on us and we had little time to digest and prepare before being held accountable for its content!  It was a Race to the Top… of our stress levels!

I sweated all last summer to change my lesson plans for every unit so that they aligned with the Common Core.  I lost a LOT of time for the pre-assessment (three days of classes to administer, and HOURS to “rate,” not “grade”… and then more time to individually upload each student’s scores that didn’t count for anything).

Stop this Madness!!

Since the English teachers in our district knew that our SLO and APPR scores were driven by persuasive writing, we were compelled to teach to the test or risk our APPR score and face the possibility of being put on a TIP (Teacher Improvement Plan).   And that’s not an idle threat…

Stop this Madness!!

I wish I’d seen this video about a week or so ago…I’d have posted it to get more folks to join in!

Here are some highlights courtesy of the NYSUT website (click on the pics for links):


John Nichols: “Every teacher is a hero…”

rally_130608_teachersoftheyear_01Teachers of the Year

Hiking and Teacher Rally 035Rich Ognibene taught my kids in Fairport!

rally_130608_iannuzzi_crowd_01Dick Iannuzzi got the crowd chanting, “Get it right!”

rally_130608_weingarten_01American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten was a real firecracker to listen to!!

Hiking and Teacher Rally 034 Hiking and Teacher Rally 033 Hiking and Teacher Rally 032  Hiking and Teacher Rally 029 Hiking and Teacher Rally 027  Hiking and Teacher Rally 040

And let’s not forget Evidence Binders!

Hiking and Teacher Rally 031Commissioner King, you may click on the picture to see MY Evidence Binder.  Let’s see yours!

Stop this Madness!!

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