Published June 5, 2013 by Susan Woodward

Ombis logoA year in the waiting!!!  Ombis: Alien Invasion by DefTone Pictures Studios, Inc in the Western New York area opened to an enthusiastic crowd at the Hamburg Palace Theatre on May 18.  And I was more than enthusiastic as I WAITED to see what my make-up looked like on screen!

But before getting all gored up, I was Village Clerk Donna whose biggest concern during the invasion was whether or not the mayor had solidified the parade route with the sheriff.

Ombis 6

(with Mike Sciabarrasi)

Ombis 4And then it was time for MAKE-UP!!!  I was SOOOOO psyched!!!!  The film crew spent more than three hours working on me alone!  Thank you to:

Phil Beith
Jill Jovic
Sammi Shearing
Allison Kellerman
Barry Elmstrand

Awesome job!!!!

Ombis make up Ombis make up 2

And the results?? (Pictures posted with permission from Adam Steigert)


Ombis 2

close up

Ombis 5

Ombis 3

I had an absolute blast!!!  And how fun it was to see it with my family both on the big screen with some of them and at home on DVD!  And when I showed clips to my students in school, many wanted to take the video home to watch it!

2013-05-18 16.32.04

Got the poster, got the t-shirt, got the DVD… just need popcorn!  Woot!

Thanks, Adam Steigert, for the opportunity!

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