So, About Adding Color to My Life…

Published May 12, 2013 by Susan Woodward

One way to begin adding more color is to get out into Nature now that color is busting out all over (even if it isn’t June!… musical theatre affectionados will get that one!).   The Lilac Festival has opened in Rochester, and it was a lovely day to see it yesterday!  (Today, however is a totally different story as temperatures dropped to freezing, including sleet in May!!)  I am thankful we got out there when we did!

Getting out was a combination of a Mother’s Day celebration and a birthday celebration with my daughter, Robin.  She was born on Mother’s Day 28 years ago, and this year they again fall on the same day.  After having a family dinner at my eldest, Illy’s house, Robin and I departed for the Lilac Festival.  Because she lives in Buffalo, and we don’t get to spend much time together, I’m glad we got to spend some quality time at the Lilac Festival.


And let me tell you, the fragrance was bewitching!  I couldn’t inhale enough of the scent… especially now that I have quit smoking and my senses are suddenly sharper.

Here’s my Robin!  Happy Birthday, Robbie!  I can see the resemblance here!

Robin 4   me


From the top of the hill, everything was green and varying shades of purple, and the air was filled with perfume!

me and lilacs



The lilacs weren’t the only flowers in bloom, though.  The tulips in Frederick Douglass Square were gorgeous, and by the time we walked up there, the sun had come out from behind the clouds.

tulips2me4Robin 2


And as long as we were there, we decided to visit the Conservatory.

waterfall 2 cactus flower Hibiscus  pink flowerme3

All in all, it was a gorgeous day, filled with all the color I yearn for!

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