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Getting Better? Abs-olutely!

Published January 27, 2013 by Susan Woodward

After yesterday’s Cirque Fit workout, let me tell you, my abs are feeling it!  However, the sharp pains have disappeared (pretty much) and soreness is an okay reminder that I am doing good work for my body.   I am still in the “tearing down the house” phase of the project, but it’s less painful now and I am beginning to see a few results!  Yay!!

I didn’t post after class yesterday because my Marine daughter is home after deployment… Ooh Rah!  I headed out immediately after Cirque Fit to be with the family for our welcome home party.  But I did go to the Nutrition Group and the aerobic class first!  Okay… I did miss out on the aerial practice, but Sarah does not come home every day.  Actually, it’s more like once a year… so I am sure Will can forgive me for this one miss.

While I was in class, though, I was able to get into a full plank position for a total of three (yup, that’s THREE) demi-pushups.  I’m not going to win any Olympic medals over that performance, but it WAS a personal best!!!  I am hoping that I can make it to five in tomorrow’s class!

I also was able to get through the class with fewer breaks for breathing…another personal best.

I am going to take some time to nurse these sore abs a bit this evening in anticipation for more of the same tomorrow… and my three daughters will be joining me in class (even my Marine!).   It will be great to have them to keep me going… I’m sure that Marine will have some of those key boot camp motivational phrases to share with me to keep me on task!

Getting better?  Abs-olutely!!

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