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Another (Small) Triumph!!

Published January 17, 2013 by Susan Woodward

Yes!  One more thing to add to the “I think I can…I think I can… OM I can!!” list: heels got about a half inch off the floor while trying to do a pike, hanging on the trapeze!  That half inch means my core is just the teensiest bit stronger than it was on Saturday!  Woop!

Tonight was a “practice your skills” night, so we worked on the silks moves we were taught on Tuesday.  Well, I was successful at two of the five!  The others require more strength, so I have goals…

First: Laffy Taffy

Wrap the silks around the wrists and then lean back into a plank position, keeping to toes planted.    Using the toes as a pivot point, lean to one side and allow the centrifigal force to pull you around in a circle over and over.   When I first tried this on Tuesday, the unfamiliar sensation surprised me so much that I kept making loud noises… almost like the ones that emerge when going over the first hill on a roller coaster.  And I already had my hands up!  I think I did a full five rotations in one swoop tonight!

Second: Butterfly Swing

On Tuesday, I could not reach my arms behind me to wrap the silks around my body and needed help… today I managed to do it myself!  Twice wrapped and then let yourself fly, Cirque style!

So that’s two things I CAN do on the silks…

Things I can’t do:

– I can’t hang upside down in a ball.  I cannot get my feet over my head no matter what.  I remember having trouble doing this when I was in grade school (remember the rings?).  I was never very good at figuring out how to get my feet over my head… except that I did it once by accident and was never able to repeat it!  I was about ten years old, and we were once again trying to hang upside down on the rings.  I kept swinging my legs and hanging dead weight by my arms.  Once, though, I was really paying attention to what I was doing and the next thing I knew I was upside down!  It came in one fluid motion that I can’t for the life of me remember how to do… but I am going to keep trying, knowing that somewhere in this fifty year old body is the faint muscle  memory of a success gone by.  One thing I will try is to grasp the silks at just above shoulder level instead of above my head.  This should allow me to rock myself back easier… I hope.  We shall see!

– I can’t pull my legs up into a V position while hanging upside down.  See notes above….same muscles need a good shaking up!

– I can’t get into a foot wrap all by myself.  This is required for learning to “stand” on the silks.  Will helped me on Tuesday with getting the foot hold going… and then I was able to pull myself up.  I have yet to accomplish this on my own, but I will!  The first thing I have to do is strengthen the thigh muscles so that I can lift the darn leg enough to do a double rond de jambe and then tuck.    I now have some exercises to help that area, so I am going to give myself two weeks to get this foot wrap down!!

Well, the hot water in the tub felt extra good tonight!  And I even threw in a pampering facial as a reward for getting those heels a half inch up!

I have learned not to eat dinner before classes, and my daughter told me about a filling, high protein dish that’s perfect for after-exercise time.   Mash a very ripe avocado on a plate… add some guacamole seasoning and a bit of lime juice and keep mashing.  Make a nice little “bed” with the mixture on your dinner plate, and top with hot scrambled eggs.  Sprinkle on a bit of Parmesan cheese, and voila!  Delicious, quick supper that’s good for you!

Now to sit back with my cinnamon/honey tea and get ready to take my heating pad to bed.

Night, night!

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