Published October 16, 2011 by Susan Woodward

New year,

Almost a

New century,

New millenium…

What’s so new about it?

The only thing changed is four digits…

Big deal.

I changed seven with a new phone number!

Does Y2K make the hate go away?

Times Square with its two million people invading the streets

Hugging and kissing as the ball dropped

Will revert to a place of mugging and killing tomorrow.

The world’s fireworks will again be dropped bombs

Once they all realize that the end did not come when the clock struck twelve.

And why should it?

Why would God take the time to end this world as we know it

When we are doing such a bang-up job ourselves?


A little tolerance is a dangerous thing;

It may lead to widespread understanding

And an epidemic of compassion,

Posing a threat to many people’s way of life.


Oh, that the world would be so plagued!

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