“Wrong Place, Right Time”

Published October 16, 2011 by Susan Woodward

Berryman’s bridge over troubled water let him down–

None too gently I’m afraid.

With no water to break his fall,

Those under Washington broke his all.


It was as simple as Sylvia’s Easy-Bake Oven;

Ooops… no auto-pilot —

Sorry, Sylvie.

I wonder what jarred the belle?

Nothing CO couldn’t fix, so it seemed.


What’s needed here is some real R & R–

How about Lorazepan and Spumanti

While settling under a nice warm Calgon?

Take me away!

Hello?  Hello!

Calling H.G. ’cause all’s not well!

Where the hell is Sam Beckett when you need him?

Gooshie, center Sam on me now!

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