“Why Do I Make My Heart Cry?”

Published October 16, 2011 by Susan Woodward

Why do I make my heart cry

When thoughts of you

Fill me with sorrow and pain?

The memories of what I’m missing

The hopes for a future that I’d been wishing

But the pain of the present’s in my eyes

Looking at us now, I realize

That the love that I feel is mine and mine alone,

And there’s nothing to share

When you’re loving on your own.

I can offer my heart,

But I cannot make you take it

Your gentle brushing aside

Is more than enough to break it

So why do I make my heart cry

By hoping the wall around your heart will crumble?

You say the spark is not there

Yet I know that you care

Clinging to the tenderness we used to share…

But why do I make my heart cry?

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