“Raw Passion”

Published October 16, 2011 by Susan Woodward

Explosive ecstasy on a sea of pure pleasure;

Oral sensations beyond human measure;

Our mouths pressed together with tongues lightly darting

Fill me with passion and reluctant parting

From lips that are sweeter than any known taste

Which replant themselves on my neck, breasts and waist.

You fulfill my fantasies once thought as forbidden

While unlocking desires that I’d always kept hidden.


When I am with you, I no longer feel fear

Of being rejected with a sarcastic sneer.

Acceptance allows me to fully expand

Toward an open mind and I know where I stand

Through truth and not lies, nor pain, nor deceit,

And into myself I no longer retreat

To hide away in anger and shame,

Or break into tears at the drop of a name.

You’ve shown me passion through trust and desire

And ignited in me an undying fire;

To kiss you, to taste you, to take you inside;

An exciting new journey with you as my guide!

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