“Dual Flight”

Published October 16, 2011 by Susan Woodward

Take-off was filled with tears of fear

And the loss of a little girl

To re-create a

Youth For Understanding.

Tears of pride fell as

Courage carried her away on a

Solitary quest for tolerance.


Tears flowed afresh

As my Robin flew the nest

For a warmer climate.

One was enough,

But who can be sure which blurred the vision first

As two pairs of wings faded into the clouds–

Orlando and Amsterdam will never be the same!


Lonely tears came when the

Voice of the evening litany didn’t.

Her absent prayers spoke louder than

Her presence.


Tears of thanks sprung up when my

Little bird returned under my

Protective wing;

Yet anxious ones lingered for the other still flown.

How long till the nest would be full once more?


Anticipation brought tears of joy

When she finally came into view.



Hurt and shame loosed the ducts

As one daughter’s beaming face

Crumbled under the stony,

Unwelcoming stare of the other–

The Youth Without Understanding.


How many tears will it take

To wash away

The pain of intolerance?

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