“Compulsive Confessions”

Published October 16, 2011 by Susan Woodward

Later’s not good enough–

My hair’s too long.

You don’t have an appointment available now?

Must keep looking,

Must find someone today!

You can take me? Great!

Damn!  Why did she have to take so much off?

Only how many shopping days left?

So much to do;

So much to buy–

I want to give the very best

So they’ll know I care.

No payments till when?


I’ll get that paid off, right?


Who made the fudge?

Tastes great but should I really indulge?

Maybe just another taste–

If it’s all gone, I won’t be tempted.

Good– none left!

Hey, who brought the cookies?


Why are you looking at me so funny?

What’s wrong with a little good old American

Instant gratification?

Isn’t that what we stand for?

I just want to fit in…

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