“An Awakening”

Published October 16, 2011 by Susan Woodward

A blithe fairy released from a three-decade slumber

Awoke in a blossoming rose–

Fear and despair

Had trapped her there,

Escaping from all her woes.


Till one day there came a Lady fair

Who discovered a withering bloom–

She tended and fed

The flow’r in its bed

Dissolving the spell of gloom.


It flourished under her tender care;

The pain of the past washed away–

The rose opened wide

With the fairy inside

Bringing hopes for a brighter day.


She smiled and she stretched and she tested her wings,

Lightly touching the blooms of her bed —

This Celtic delight

Was prepared to take flight

And she circled the Lady’s head.


“How can I thank you?” the fairy proclaimed.

In reply, the kind Lady smiled–

“It was not only me

Who set your soul free–

‘Twas the love for our Inner Child.”

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