A Sequential Sojourn

Published October 16, 2011 by Susan Woodward

I am happy to share with you A Sequential Sojourn toward your personal goals and dreams. The quest of the hero permeates not only our culture, but all cultures across time and geographic location. This quest is part of the human condition and can be used as a tool to examine our own lives. We are the heroes of our own life stories; how those stories ultimately play out will be based on our reactions to life’s challenges and the decisions we make.

Through visualization, the guided meditations will take you on a journey through your imagination. While the basics of each meditation are set for you, each person will create his/her own experience through the specifics you will be asked to provide. A notebook or journal is especially helpful for you to record your experiences at the end of each session.

In exploring our own life patterns, it will help us to see that we are all connected through our stories and experiences. We all have goals, trials to face, dragons to slay, and our reward awaits us for a job well done!

Who says that a bird and a fish can't build a home together?  These two are obviously different, yet they manage to share living space. I wonder what THEY talk about! May we who are different also find our commonalities!

The Sequential Sojourn is an effort to draw people of various nations, cultures, ages, and genders together to examine the things that make us similar. So much attention is given to diversity that we seem to be more conscious of how we are different from one another than of how we are alike.

With a bit of tolerance, perhaps finding the hero within can help create positive change in this troubled world.

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