“A Safe Place”

Published October 16, 2011 by Susan Woodward

Where can I go when I am overwhelmed?

What place is safe from my fears of the past?

Don’t tell me to just let go of them–

That doesn’t address the pain;

It merely stuffs it within where it will eventually

Writhe its way to the surface once more.

That’s not healing;

That’s avoidance.

But where can I go to collect myself when the memories flood in?

There must be running water;

Its song will soothe my soul.

Let it wash over and cleanse me with its healing power.

Summer breezes, birds and Celtic pipes replace lies and cruel words.

Trees will be free from the insects and snakes

That threaten to crawl over, around and inside of me.

Only soft leaves providing a shelter of safety adorn their branches.

Lilacs and honeysuckle replace the stench of halitosis

While a steaming blend of brewed herbs washes away

The semen forced down my throat.

I will be safe in my garden–

As long as there are four strong walls surrounding it.

Skylights in the ceiling allow me to gaze at Orion

Without the fear of being the hunted.

Passage is granted through one door

To which I alone possess the key.

Here I will gather my strength to slay the dragons of my past,

Its construction complete in the recesses of my mind.

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