So What Do I Thirst For?

Published October 5, 2011 by Susan Woodward

Ok, I do know for sure one thing that I truly thirst for.  I want to be healthier and more physically active.  While I seem to be constantly on the run from here to there, it’s not actually “running”… or even a heck of a lot of exercise for that matter.  I know how much easier the journey will be if I can build up more physical energy.  So tonight I took my first Zumba class… and, boy, do I have more respect for Kirstie Alley for all the work she did for Dancing With the Stars.

You know, I really do love to dance.  I may not be Ginger Rogers, but I really have fun when I get out there are do it.   I enjoy the mental activity that goes along with the physical activity of square dancing (yeah… it’s a ton of fun!).   I’d love to find a partner so that we could ballroom dance together.  It’s something that I do miss so much from my marriage… Bill and I were excellent dance partners.

It would be wonderful to meet someone I can dance with.  It would also be a terrific motivator to have a dance partner who is enthusiastic about it, too.  But for now, I have the Zumba class through the community education program, and there is going to be a class at my school, too.

Zumba was so much fun… for the first couple of songs!  Once the pace picked up, my calves REALLY felt the burn and I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish.  But I took a minute to stretch my legs and tried to catch up.  While I might have dropped the intensity, I’m proud of myself for actually finishing!  The woman next to me was so encouraging and said that by week three, this will be SO much easier!  I am going to take her word for it!

Butterfly Kisses

So today my picture is of a pair of butterflies that look ready to dance together.  The butterfly is a great symbol for what I want for myself… physical transformation.  I want to have the energy to feel as if I could fly!

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